Back From Beyond

Back From Beyond

This blog has not been updated in a long while. So I thought it would be time to do so. This is the grand reopening of the Art of Coding blog. Welcome, grab yourself a piece of cake, and enjoy. This post will contain a summary of what I’ve been working on recently.

I have been coding Luce, the spiritual successor to Illustriws and signal-fire (which I have both officially deprecated). Luce is a versatile WebSocket server framework built for node.js. Luce uses asynchronous hooks analogous to middleware functions in, for example, Koa. I have created the beginning of an ecosystem which I hope others can use as well.

I have also resurrected signal-fire, the WebRTC Signaling Server for node.js. I have rewritten the server and client from the ground up. Both are still works-in-progress. The WebRTC signaling server and client can be used to establish peer connections between individual peers, for the exchange of video and audio, or other data. Signal-Fire helps ease the pain of implementing them directly.

In order to track peers, I have made a Registry interface which others can extend to implement client registries with multiple back-ends. This way you can scale your messaging apps with east. Included is an in-memory registry, which can be used as a reference implementation. I have also made a Redis registry, which is currently a work-in-progress.

I have done some work with Redis Streams, and as such developed redis-streams-manager, a streams manager built around the EventEmitter interface. Stream entries are emitted by stream name.

My Inter-Process Communication (IPC) module Wormhole had aged a little, so I have rewritten it in TypeScript. Now it’s future-proof and ready to be used (again).

That’s it for today. Thanks for coming, hope to see you again!

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