My first full-stack deployment in a decade

My first full-stack deployment in a decade

It has been over a decade since I last developed a full-stack application. Back then I wrote bad PHP and absolutely murdered the server with grotesque SQL queries. A lot has changed in the intervening decade, including which skills are required for full-stack development.

Today I launched Ageira Trade, a website where fellow Eve Online players can sell me their ore or buy minerals. The website makes use of the API of Eve Online to authenticate characters and read in-game contracts. I started with the API and made my way to the front-end, an area I have little experience with. The result is a React app which appears to be performant, although I am sure there are many optimizations to make. Mostly the front-end was a learning process for me, learning skills I intent to use in the future.

Ageira Trade offered me the chance to experience the full development cycle, including Ubuntu administration. I have learned valuable lessons and gained new experience with front-end development. It has definitely been worth the (metaphorical) headaches.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon!

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